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GPRS -- Its Scope and Evolution in India


GPRS -- Bridging 2G and 3G
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G P R S In India

An EDGE over GPRS...


  EDGE, or the Enhanced Data Rate for Global Evolution, is the new mantra in the Global Internet Connectivity scene. EDGE is the new name for GSM 384. The technology was named GSM 384 because of the fact that it provided Data Transmission at a rate of 384 Kbps. It consists of the 8 pattern time slot, and the speed could be achieved when all the 8 time slots were used. The idea behind EDGE is to obtain even higher data rates on the current 200 KHz GSM carrier, by changing the type of the modulation used.

Now, this is the most striking feature. EDGE, as being once a GSM technology, works on the existing GSM or the TDMA carriers, and enables them to many of the 3G services.

Although EDGE will have a little technical impact, since its fully based on GSM or the TDMA carriers, but it might just get an EDGE over the upcomming technologies, and ofcourse, the GPRS. With EDGE, the operators and service providers can offer more wireless data application, including wireless multimedia,e-mail (Web Based), Web Infotainment, and above all, the technology of Video Conferencing.
Now all these technologies that were named earlier, were the clauses of the IMT-UMTS 3G Package. But, with EDGE, we can get all these 3G services on our existing GSM phones, which might just prove to be a boon to the user.

The Big Fight...
The current scenario clearly states that EDGE will definitely score higher than GPRS. The former, allows its users to increase the data speed and throughput capacity, to around 3-4 times higher than GPRS.
Secondly, it allows the existing GSM or the TDMA carriers to give the sophisticated 3G services. And with 1600 Million subscribers of GSM in over 170 countries, offer the full Global Roaming, anywhere between India to Japan and to San Fransisco.
Based on an 8 PSK modulation, it allows higher bit rate accross the air Interface.
One Symbol for every 3 bits. Thus, EDGE Rate = 3x GPRS Rate.
If one looks at these features, the thinking can't be stopped that really, EDGE is over GPRS, but this is the time where the IMT-UMTS come into action. The technology that is providing Always On feature of the Internet, and an excellent billing sub-system, clearly shall be preferred for 3G. The technology has to change, and its a matter of time, when it takes over. Thus, the point here is that GSM has to go, and we must be ready for the final Adieu!

EDGE -- Internet Access via GSM
Internet Access from your own GSM Phone

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