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GPRS -- Its Scope and Evolution in India
GPRS -- Bridging 2G and 3G


GPRS -- Bridging 2G and 3G
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G P R S In India

The 2.5G  Terminology...  Justified!

Due to the dismissal of several sophisticated technologies by the apex authorities and the presenters of the 3G frameworks, there was a sense of panic within the various companies, as there was some or the other backdrops in those, which were not negotiable w.r.t the clause. This scenario created a sense of urgency in both the industry related people, the organizations as well as the scientists, keeping a track of the situation, and also the authorities, i.e. the IMT - UMTS. Due to lack of time and increasing network data transmission demands were threatening for serious infrastructure in capabilities to tackle the scenario, this was perhaps the best time for GPRS to get a foot in the door.

GPRS was the technology that was really fulfilling the most important clauses in the 3G, however, up to a certain extent. The GPRS called it the 2.5G. That clearly meant that its just a step ahead to reaching the then looking impossible 3G compatible technology. It was a giant leap from the simple GSM based machines to a much-sophisticated efficient data communicating devices. Thus, GPRS acts as just a step in the sea, to make the 3G perfect devices.

Another reason why one really puts GPRS into the 2.5G track is its compatibility with both the 2G and the eminent 3G devices. Certain systems and Network environments are using this technology with the existing GSM based platforms and obtaining great results. Instead, in countries like India, UK, Japan, Korea etc.. the service is fully operational and already hit the commercial market. However, in countries like Germany, Russia, France etc. Its in the testing phase and their networks are bound to comply within 4 to 6 months of time from now. Other nations are also trying to adapt to the networks and infrastructures of GPRS, depending upon their needs.

Thus, GPRS, is not 3G, as some changes in its core protocols are being figured out. Moreover, its not 2G either. Therefore, why dont just call it 2.5G?

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The UMTS 3GPP Protocol Stack -- GPRS is nearly closing in.

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