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GPRS -- Its Scope and Evolution in India


GPRS -- Bridging 2G and 3G
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G P R S In India

The GPRS Roaming and the importance of GRX

Welcome to the GPRS World. Welcome to the Wirefree Globe. These are the few lines that will flash as soon as you switch on your phone, and request for GPRS Access. As we can see, GPRS is a world of wirefree efficient communication of high amount of data, and especially, a reliable IP Backbone network.
The Basic Concept
The GPRS system Network is responsible for the communication of a large amount of data, and at a respectiable high speed. The signalling and other related infrastructures are designed to be relatively fault tolerant.
Another important aspect of GPRS signalling is the concept of Roaming. Service providers must make sure that the machiene when out of the home network, must not suffer with no communication possiblity.
GPRS Roaming, as much similar to the existing GSM Roaming patterns, requires signal protocols to be recognized by the various participating service providers in the network. Thus this requires an efficient communication channel and a well established inter network among all the service stations striving together for roaming. This makes it possible to design a generic design map, somewhat resembling the K (x,y) meshed arcitecture.
Now to avoid such a complecated meshed architecture in a high speed interference prone data network, the concept of a GRX (GPRS Roaming Exchange) comes into activity.

The Exchange
Roaming eXchange (GRX) provides a secure platform for the global exchange of General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) traffic. This service will be available early 2002 and will allow users to connect their mobile phones to a wide range of public and private data networks using TCP/IP and X.25. With the anticipated growth of the wireless Internet around the globe and especially in Asia.

International data and IP network, combined with Global Data Centres can provide a global coverage and quality of service. Services include International Voice, VoIP, International Toll Free, Global Internet Access, VPN services using native IP, ATM, Frame Relay and MPLS.

Through our GRX peering arrangements, global connectivity by  GPRS roaming partners via a single connection, shall save much time and money involved in setting up connections. Built-in flexibility and a choice of port sizes, shall make it easy to select a solution that suits the needs of the user. The GRX solution will be competitively priced, secure and scalable, providing users with an excellent opportunity to increase the GPRS traffic.

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