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Pics of the Jodhpur Visit

The following are the pics which i had snapped when i had gone to Jodhpur.

The beauty, the culture, the ethnicity, the world that was Rajasthan, and the country that was Jodhpur. The Jodhpur visit in October 2000 was the best visit that i rate in my life uptill now. Following are some of the best pictures i could snap, while i was on the tour...

View from the Mehrangarh Fort of the Old Blue City
View from the Mehrangarh Fort of the Old Blue City

The Majestic Palce -- Umaid Bhawan

View of The Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur

The Real Desert.... At Osian - 2 hr Drive from Jodhpur

The Blue City


If you need further info on Jodhpur and other visits and require these photographs, kindly contact me. (Go to the Contact Page)