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Yaar yeh hai kaun? Really who is he?

Living upon Music, Computers and a terrible curiosity to gain more n' more knowledge in the feild of Networking and wireless, seen on the roads on his Pulse, the March born Pieces with a birthday mentioned as 12th March 1983, having a true zeal and ambition to do something really great for his country, and full of humour and loz of mazzaak, is the most familiar guy, the guy whom people call "" Tushar"", is what I really am.

Koi Kahe Kahta Rahe.....
Kitna bhi Humko Deewana...
Hooo... humlogon ki Thokar mein hai ye Zamaana...

My Cool Bike....... Sapne Vaaleeeeee

This bike is really missing something.....

Do u know what it is?

ME !!
ha ha ...

Check Out Our Cool Video... Masti!

Sayings I Sometimes Follow in my Life and my Motto

The Motto of my life is the Motto of My Alma Mater, in which I stduided 5 years from class 8 to 12th, St. Joseph's College, Allahabad.

Semper Sursum -- Always Aim High

Live your life life like a Celebration.
You will b the happiest man on Earth.
- The Art of Living

My Favorites

This area for me changes very frequently for me, xept a few feilds. So dont defy the rules of Gravity if this stuff changes.

Favorite TV Show: Kaun Banega Crorepati
Favorite Movie: Dil Chahta Hai
Favorite Music: Rock
Favorite Book: Hamlet (shakes)
Favorite Sport: Cricket
Favorite Food: Hindustani
Favorite Teacher: Prof. A.M. Sherry
People I Most Admire: Papa and my Mom


To make a person, you need the following materials .........
      INDIA's Secularism          ( 100 cups)
      Allahabadi Masti               ( 50 cups)
      Delhites' Confidence         ( 20 cups)
      Lucknow's Tehzib            ( 30 cups)
      Bareilly's Pagalpan           ( 2 Cups as per taste)
     For making and further enquires, Dial Helpline 1-600-111-123 ... Hungry Kya?