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Tribute to the Dec 13 Attack


Pictures of the moment when the Mecca of the World's Largest Democracy was Attacked

Kamlesh Kumari, Bijender Singh, Desh Raj, Ghanshyam, Matbar Singh, Nanak Chand, Om Prakash, Rampal, J.P.Yadav.

The Top View of the Indian Parliament

The Scenes of the horrifying moments which the Indian Democracy had never seen before.

National Security Guard Commandos Deployed

CRPF Taking Positions near the Campus

The foreign media " alledges" everything. They are alledged to have double standards.

The Army was called for a Delta Cat. Operation

Army men start operation step by srep.

The Indian Leaders could not do anything... Ghazi Baba is still not known where is he? Is he in Pakistan or in Kashmir? Strike forces have now returned. What did they do there? These are but some of the questions that will remain forever.

Ambulence carrying people to RML Hospital

We Salute the people from the forces, including Army personnel, Commandos from the NSG Units, Delhi Police, and last but not the least, the CRPF.

The Post Attack period clearly defines everyone... How week are our leaders and how hypocryt is the United States.

Press personnel were not behind either.

George Fernandese Arrives to the Scene


Whatever happens... whoever is with us or not, wheather the superpowers speak for us or against us, no matter who does not pay heed to us, We, as Indians pledge to fight for our nation till the very last of our life. We are one religion. We are a true nationalists.
Jai Hind